SMILIFE Anion Sanitary Napkin


SM life sanitary napkin night isi 8 Rp. 42 ribu (Distributor), Rp. 50 ribu (Konsumen)
SM life sanitary napkin day isi 10 Rp. 42 ribu (Distributor), Rp. 50 ribu (Konsumen)

SMILIFE Anion Sanitary Napkin by Green World is a revolutionary innovation for improved sanitary protection with excellent benefits for women’s health. Different from the chemical fiber surface or rough cotton surface of a normal sanitary napkin, SMILIFE is made of soft cotton that is gentler, thinner and very comfortable to wear. The cotton surface can absorb 3 times as much fluid as a normal sanitary napkin, it contains a super absorbent polymer that can hold the penetrated liquid avoiding side, back or front leakage.

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